Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am patiently waiting for my little girl to arrive. 
Being on bed rest and not being able to do much makes time go by even slower..
3 weeks on bed rest already..
  • high blood pressure
  • rapid heart beat
  • water retention
  • low blood count
  • and.. protein in my urine.
That last one is the worst..
I have taken a 24 hour urine test and waiting for results.
If there is a lot of protein then I will be induced right away, if its not a big amount I will try making it to 37 weeks (full term). 
I am currently at 36 weeks so I have a little more to go. 
I'm seeing a high risk doctor twice a week and so far everything is good.
This little girl is a strong one! Even though she is measuring behind (she will be a tiny one) this girl is already putting her lungs to work!
That amazed even the nurse!
Ahh,, and she has hair! Yep! :)

Doctors said that if she was born now, she is most likely ready for the outside world.
But I am praying I will make it to 37 weeks..
So for now.. all I can do is wait.