Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parts of My Home: Living Room

Its been awhile since I last posted anything.
I will admit, this baby stuff has been keeping me very busy!
Buutttt, I get to share the nursery with you very soon! (Yay!) :D
In the meantime, I got to snap a few pictures of my almost-done living room..
There is still some thing that need to be done to it.. But I'll share anyways!

This stands on my coffee table:

This is on the other table..

Next to the tv..

These oh so cute boxes I got for so cheap!
(they stand in a corner by the tv stand)

Ahh,, my lovely pillows.. I made these pillow covers all by myself!
I still want to add some details to them though.. I got a great idea in mind. :)

And finally the whole thing together:

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my living room.

Until next time!

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