Friday, April 29, 2011

Pregnancy: A Long Long Journey.

As you may know, this is my first pregnancy.
But I feel like I've been pregnant for years..

I think those pee sticks need to come with a warning label..
Some message like "Get ready for your world to shift." along with the 2 pink lines.

I am 32 weeks along (measuring at 34(!!!)) and this is what I've learned so far..

First Trimester:

> Morning Sickness?!?! Who the heck named it morning sickness? Its more like 24 hour sickness. Throwing up for 14 weeks straight sickness!

> Trying to get romantic with hubby? Forget it! Throwing up is not too sexy.

> If you eat as much as you can, poof out your belly and look through a magnifying glass, you can REALLY tell your pregnant.

Second Trimester:

> Morning Sickness will not go away by 12 weeks, or even 14 weeks, its ok to cry about it.

> Those maternal feeling kick in around this time.

> Around 20 weeks you forget all about the morning sickness, and think you could be pregnant 15 more times!

> Some of the energey returns,, you start feeling human again.

> Oh and those first kicks!! Best feeling in the WORLD!!!

> Weeks 25-30 are the best in my opinion. I loved being pregnant.

Third Trimester:

> You begin to feel like you've been pregnant for eons, and it will never end.

> You get really sick of people telling you "you've still got a long ways to go."

> The pregnancy pillow will become your best friend.

> Back pain and rib pain is a part of your every day life.

> Tears come easily over any given issue.

I am sure I will be adding to this list in a few weeks.
Last thinkg I want to say is: I am praying this pregnancy will not last a lifetime.


Feeling a little life that will last forever grow inside of you makes every ache and pain worth it a million times over. :)


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